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5 Things Young People Need To Be Taught To Prepare Them For The Workplace 1. Responsibility – developing trust with others. Building trust with our colleagues takes time but something all of us, including young people, can do to greatly improve our workplace relationships is hold ourselves accountable for the workload we’ve been assigned, instead of trying to shift it onto others which builds tension over time. 2. Honesty – building relationships on bricks not
parrots don't fit into the workplace

Are Young People Ready For The Workplace?

Posted by Michael Hoade on  June 6, 2018
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Are Young People Ready For The Workplace? Young people are struggling with the currents of life, isn’t it about time we taught them how to swim? Young people aren’t ready for the workplace. Instead of treating young people like parrots and teaching them to regurgitate information that Google can now provide for us instantly, we need to teach them how to become productive members of society. Many of us left the education system with basic

Technology helping teachers to inspire students

Posted by admin on  April 16, 2018
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Do you remember that one teacher who inspired you, who you thought was really ‘cool’? Did it make the subject more enjoyable and engaging? Attention spans are getting shorter and old-style teaching is not working and technology provides the innovation we need. There are a lot of young teachers who have grown up with technology and these teachers can be the ones that inspire today’s students. Technology, especially used with project focused learning, can provide

The BETT Show

Posted by admin on  July 12, 2017
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The BETT Show is a 4 day event which is held annually in ExCel, Dockland London and its the biggest educational technology event in Europe, and with a 100 acre size it gives you an idea of just the sheer scale of the event. What’s exciting about the BETT Show is being introduced to the latest technologies for the education sector and the tools that can be used to teach students of our generation as

Whiteheath Junior School

Posted by admin on  May 19, 2017
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New tech inventions come about every day. Does your team really need every piece of EdTech? Probably not. The IDEAS Bus allows you to get your hands on the most exciting solutions, trial them on the spot, and understand the value they create before you make any decisions. Spend some time on the bus so you can spend your budget with confidence.

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