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Teaching the skills of tomorrow.

The I.D.E.A.S BUS is coming to schools to enhance the deliveration of ED-tech.


Our goal is a simple one: to demonstrate how technology can be used more effectively in the classroom, across a range of subjects. Whether VR inspires a writer to develop a new story, or 3D printing encourages an artist to work on a new design, there is always a place for technology in the classroom.



We recently delivered this wonderful one day experience to Lake Park Farm Academy. We empowered over 100 students with creative and critical thinking skills, as well as enabled them to learn about the importance of collaboration and teamwork; there by developing their social skills.

Becoming a Digital Leader

With our Project Focus Activities, we aim to demonstrate how technology can be more effectively used within the classroom, and spur students into becoming Digital Leaders. Encouragement of entrepreneurialism, the taking of initiative and cultivation of creativity are integral abilities needed to survive and flourish in the Digital Age. Therefore we are excited to bring to your students our seven activities.



From simple pen and paper, to a keyboard and mouse, these sessions aim to show how your students tcan use technology to enhance their creative work. By the end of this session they will have designed their own piece of art.


Reveal your student’s individuality with dance, working in collaboration with others so that by the end of this session they will have composed their own unique dance routine.


Improve your student’s creative and written skills through story-telling, from beginning, middle and end. By the end of this activity students will have written their own short-story.


Develop logical thinking, literacy and problem solving skills in our coding workshop. Students will learn about how Code powers all forms of technology. By the end of this activity they will have successfully ran their own programme.


Engage your student’s creativity, test their teamwork, and work in collaboration throughout, so that by the end of it they will have created their very own game.


Students will learn about the History of music, and gain insight into how technology empowers music today-utilising different software. By the end of this activity students will have created their own songs.


Enable your students to develop their imagination and creativity, through photography and video. By the end of this activity students will have created their own narrative through photography and videos.


  • 8 classrooms – appropriate for activities
  • Stationary / paper / general classroom equipment
  • Power sockets and cords
  • Power source for the Bus
  • Whiteboards/projectors

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